Monday, June 30, 2008

Quick Little Update!

First off guys, I would like to say thanks a lot. I have gotten a few responses and comments in world, (btw my SL name is Kyder Ling), and even an email which I am not sure how that person got it, but I'm cool with it (, I'll try and respond ASAP).

Thing is, I get the joy of driving all the way across the country in a big move. That certainly will be a lot of fun. 3 day drive at minimum, considering the amount of stuff we have to take. I am looking forward to writing more reviews when I get get there.

However, that doesn't mean I am not busy. I was so impressed with Mutation Industries' Crux, I decided to go ahead and try out their Bat avatar as well. It's a bit older, but I think it is quite a looker itself. I also have a nice prim dragon that looks nice, as well as the Anthro Xtacy Bovine avatar. Hopefully I will not be broke so I can also review their new Tigers as well. So far they seem quite a popular feline.

Also a word out to avatar developers; If you need a bit of advice or want someone to talk to pre-production, during production, or with finishing touches, I am not a bad guy to get a hold of. I will also accept any sponsors who can spare a few lindens to help me review more avatars quicker. That Crux review actually did not take that long, though I'd like to think that I got as in depth as I could. (What other blog will display the wireframe...)

Anyways, all the best. Be back laters!


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