Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So yeah guys, I know I have promised a lot more content than you have seen. There have been several things pop up IRL that have slowed my progress and quite a number of other events that require a lot of time and attention. Let's see, car, health, family, internet connection blah.

However, I'll be trying to finish up my reviews: I have an Anthro Xtacy Wolf and LE Wolf Elemental avatar that have been needing some love. After which I will dive right into some Exterminatus Labs (EXL) avatars and their accessories-- thanks to a very helpful sponsorship.

I'll try and get my stuff finished and fully written. I've been testing out the avs and wearing them quite regularly, as well as talking to people how they like to mod and work with them, the task at hand is just putting it down onto paper.

Stay tuned!


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