Sunday, July 20, 2008

Aventity Corvus

It's been overdue since a really excellent Avian avatar has been released. It's quite rare to see an Avian avatar with as much work in it as some of the more common and I think over-used Fox avatars from various designers, however Aventity has changed that with their Corvus. That's the reason why when I need some feathers, it's the choice for me!

The avatar itself has been out for quite some time and was based around an older Crow design that Keith Rawley, the designer had elsewhere. Due to business however, he had taken his design to Aventity and gave it new life. Rebuilding some parts of the old avatar and working towards a whole new creature featuring cleaner wings, better detailed plumage, and a splash of new color. While the avatar is a crow, (Named after a crow constellation) there really is no reason not for this avatar not to suffice for most other avian avatars. It is fairly easy to modify however and is a fairly clean and easy canvas to work with. I haven't done extensive modding on my side, but I have seen people really run with it and I think that it is a great example of how an av should let others be as they wish!

The avatar is actually quite simple in it's offerings. It doesn't have the intricate and handy HUD because it actually doesn't need it. The only thing that it can make use of is the moving jaw that movies about when typing and using voice, and the independent colored eyes that can be set up to choose from a list of 10 colors. It sounds rather limited, but each eye color has slight variances within itself that I would bet having simple custom RGB settings would simply not replace and make for a lack of details. The color I chose and the one in the portrait above is called simply 'sky.'

As for other details, well, there really aren't any that can be customized easily. Everything else will require some modding. The most common piece I see replaced however are the tail feathers. The ones that come with the avatar are basic and flexi, but they look detailed and I would prefer them over the more usual prim heavy tail mods I have seen.

I think the main draw of this avatar however is not it's extras (or lack of) but it's the fact that was set out to fill in a nitch and has done so very well. The entire avatar looks like a one whole piece that belongs. I really want to applaud the clean and well thought out creation. The avatar makes use of every prim attached to it, and does so with style. It's been a while since I have seen an avian avatar like this with this much detail with without being over the top.

Final Word: So while there not being much going on with avian avatars in general, it's good to see that someone has stepped up to the plate and deliver a fine current generation avatar. It would be nice to see some sculpties and actual wings incorporated with this av, but I think it certainly is worth the price for just style and ease of use and modding on it's own. I'd really like to see people incorporate more extras with their avatars, but I think in this case I won't slam the Corvus too much. For these reasons above, I think that the Corvus is one of the best avian avatars in SL right now-- though the lack of extra goodies is a bit of a bummer. Still, I wonder why more people have not gotten it. I give the Aventity Corvus a solid 8.0 out of 10.

You can find some Aventity vendors Here. And of course you can find the Flickr gallery Here.


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