Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Gotta Have More Cowbell!

We all know and remember that famous Saturday Night Live sketch with Will Farrel and Christopher Walken, and when you rez this next avatar, you'll hear this hilarious blurb once more for I am reviewing Anthro Xtacy's Bovine avatar. A fun little treat-- However, you will not find the Bovine with other AX avatars. The reason? This one is the first from a fresh and eager designer, Willowbay Destiny!

For a first avatar, I must say that I am quite impressed with it. Willow has included quite a number of different color schemes which can make it hard to pick just one, or fun to collect them. The bovines actually do not feature too many extras unlike other avatars like the Crux but it would be quite unfair to a new designer to compare their first creation like that. I must say though, I found the bovine avatar one of the best around. The face and hooves are made up of neat prims including sculpties however they are not clunky looking. Instead Willow decided on a simpler and cleaner look.

The avatar keeps things simple and is very open and easy to customize. I have seen a few of her cows in a crowd occasionally but it seems people really like to run off with them and make them their own.

I managed to a hold of Willow who I have known for quite some time to share with us about her thoughts and feelings about finally releasing her first avatar. It seems that the lady is quite busy with her next projects! Here is our brief interview.

"First off, thanks again for doing this."
"I'd like to first ask you why you got into making avatars? Was it for the money, or to express your creativity, or just as a hobby?"
'Well I would be lying if I didn't say all three. Though for the most part it was because I enjoyed building something from the ground up and having others appreciate it.'

"Are you pleased with how your first avatar came out? Most people honestly are a bit embarrassed with their early creations."
'Yes, I had a mixture of happy, excited, and scared to death all wrapped up in one. I fear my husband will be scarred for life because of it.'

"So now that your Bovine has been fully released, are you going to be taking a bit of a break, or have you already another project in mind?"
'I jumped straight into my next project the next day. I have issues with sitting still to long. I get bored easily.'

"How big of a role in creating avatars did your friends and co-workers have? I'd imagine they helped out a newcomer out quite a bit, right?"
'Oh a huge role. I have put a thank you note in my avatar box thanking everyone who helped me. I appreciate all input I get. It really helps to shape something that everyone will enjoy.'

"And finally, what words of advice would you have to other people who may be sitting on the fence about creating avatars and clothing within SL?"
'It can be very rewarding but you have to be ready for long days of frustration when something doesn't turn out how you want it too. I think that most people look at an AV and take for granted how much work goes into it, I know that I did.'

Thanks again Willow for the interview. Be sure to keep an eye out on her, she is always busy away doing something. You can find a vendor Here.


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