Friday, July 18, 2008

Can You See the Signs?

I'm sure everyone here is familiar with ads, signs, posters, flyers, and other types of advertisement hoo-hah that nobody cares about. Well, you'll not see anything like that from S-A! We will incorporate more than just a silly "Visit my blog, lol" poster with a sort of game and some collectible fun!

I'd like to Announce a new type of Exploration game I'd like to challenge to you all. We all know SL can be a big and small place. While it can be so damn big sometimes, we all just keep finding ourselves coming back time and time again to different hot spots. Well, to help promote new exploration, instead of just putting up standard signs around the world that say "Lol, visit my blog" I will put up artistic signs promoting individuality, being unique, and exploration, both of self and world.

I will make 15 signs for now, just as a test to see how eager and fun this can be. Each of these will belong to a full and complete set which I am not calling 'Season 1'. Three of these signs have been unveiled below and will be the easiest to find. You may be wondering what is the significance of the signs. It seems to me that many folks like the concept I have come up with, featuring different and unique avatars like this, and others love having the gorgeous art to hang in their homes featuring their favorite avs. And frankly other people just like to simply collect stuff.

So with this, I am announcing that all the signs that I have created within the world will offer out two very special little limited edition, high quality, gourmet, fancy, fashionable treats. The first is a full size, full res texture of the art from the sign, minus all the commercial gobbelty gook! Go ahead, nobody hates free art, right? The second is a little collector's card, featuring the art of the Poster as a collectible little card. The poster texture can be used for whatever you want, even make your own posters out of them for your own home! The cards are just proof that you have been exploring to me. Both will only exist in the world for this one season only.

So here is the game: I will make 15 signs in world. They will appear in many different shopping malls, parks, clubs, wherever! Each one will feature new and unique art and a new avatar that will be reviewed here on the Blog. However, there are two catches, 7 of the signs will be unique to a certain area, store, mall, whatever. They will not be seen anywhere else and some signs may only exist in just ONE instance, meaning only the ONE sign will exist within ALL of Second Life! As for the other 8 signs, they will be rotated and swapped at random. These signs will probably be the easiest to find as they will be more common and in more common places, but be sure to check back to see if there is a new one available. Be sure to use your wits, land marks, and the group I made to work together and collect all the goodies.

First person to find all the signs and bring me their card will win a special unique uber prize that I have not announced quite yet.

Sounds like fun? I sure hope it will be. Now for some basic rules however:
+ Not all of the cards are finished yet since this will be a timely thing. As more reviews for the blog come out, so will cards. Unless otherwise stated, each review will be coupled by a card. Some cards may even be hints as to future reviews, (Hence the Crow below).
+ No, you cannot trade the cards between each other as they are all no trans and to win it is mandatory to have all of the cards on one avatar.
+ No, I will not hide signs in mysterious places. I will keep them for the most part in very public locales, like malls, and such. However, mind you some of these malls may feature Mature Rated content so please don't participate if you are scared of seeing a boobie.
+ Yes I have a bias towards the furry. These just happen to be the people and places I know best. Of course, humans and nekos are welcome as well; just don't be a jerk and be sure to follow any rules posted.
+ No I am not with any or all of these places that I put my signs. That doesn't necessarily mean that I'm not friends with the staff, but it doesn't mean that I am trying to advertise for any particular location, avatars, club, or mall.
+ I also reserve the right to change whatever I want to ensure a fun and fair game.

Soo, there we have it. So far there are only 3 cards in SL so far. They are available in 2 different locations. More avatars and cards to come very soon. Here is where you can get started. And IM Kyder Ling for access to the S-A Group!

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